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The National Association of Corrosion Engineers

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Industrial Corrosion Control, Inc. is a member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). In addition to being a NACE member, ICCI has personnel qualified as NACE Inspectors.

ICCI provides Failure Analysis, Analytical and Physical Testing, Application Inspection, Project Management, as well as Inspector and Applicator Training. Our inspectors are trained and certified to inspect the removal and application of numerous coatings. We ensure that our clients’ specifications are met by providing Trained Inspectors, Technical Support, Electronic Reporting and State of Art Instrumentation.

The following is a list of clients for whom our inspection staff has completed projects:


Chevron Texaco

South Carolina DOT

New York DOT

Exxon Mobil

North Carolina DOT

Fluor Daniel

Marathon Oil

United States Navy

Duke Energy


United States Air Force

Halter Marine


Ohio DOT


Trinity Marine

Freeport McMoran

Maryland DOT


ICCI is SSPC QP1 and QP2 certified. A description of these qualifications are linked below.



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