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Robert C. Byrd Lock and Dam Rehabilitation

Located in Virginia, the Robert C. Bryd Lock and Dam Project consisted of installing eight skirted cylindrically shaped roller-gates that were fabricated in Gulfport, Mississippi. They measured 22 feet in diameter and 120 feet long. They were fabricated from rolled steel plate and were fitted with triangular skirt designed to shut off water flow. The protective coating for the surfaces that contacted the upstream water was a combination of Metalizing, a flame applied Zinc/Aluminum wire, covered by a three coat alternating colored Vinyl Enamel system. The surfaces that were on the downstream side were coated with one coat of Vinyl Zinc followed by three coats of alternating colored Vinyl Enamel. Since the gates were fabricated in Mississippi, the installation in Virginia, the timing for transport had to be precisely correlated with the removal of the existing gates. The established dates in conjunction with the rigorous safety, quality and completion requirements set forth by the Corp of Engineers resulted in a high pressure, high stakes project with unique challenges.



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